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Working principle of mining self-cleaning sieve

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The working principle of a mining self-cleaning sieve involves the use of a vibrating screen that separates the materials into different sizes. The self-cleaning sieve is equipped with a brush device that removes the blocking material from the sieve surface, thereby ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of the sieve.

The material to be sieved is fed into the sieve, and the vibrating screen separates the material based on size. The larger particles move towards the discharge end and are eventually discharged from the sieve. The smaller particles pass through the sieve and are collected in the collecting hopper.

During the sieving process, some particles may get stuck on the sieve surface, which can lead to blockages and affect the efficiency of the sieve. To prevent this, the self-cleaning sieve is equipped with a brush device that periodically cleans the sieve surface to remove any blocking material. The cleaning frequency and intensity can be adjusted according to the specific characteristics of the material being sieved.

Overall, the mining self-cleaning sieve is a highly efficient and reliable equipment for separating materials of different sizes in mining, metallurgy, and other industries.

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