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Mining Industry Self Clean Screen

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This is a special type of mesh that mixes 1 2. its ues is advisable when precision in the screening is needed and maximum production must be obtained. shore of hardness polyurethane bands that cover interior intertwined wires which are used to maintain the size of the aperture overall the mesh suface when the temperatures are under 80 °c.
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These Screens are made of horizontally crimped round wires, with 6 interwoven cross weaves wires.

Material: High tensile steelwire , stainless steel wire

Characteristics:high performance and excellent self cleaning,long wear-life

More opening area

Eliminates blinding and plugging

Minimizes down time cleaning and unclogging

Maximizes throughput


sand and gravel industry,

ore preparation plants,

mining industry

For damp, sticky, hard-to-screen material

The pre-undulated wires, placed one next to the other ,form the aperture.This way the materials follow the direction of one of the diagonals of the aperture.

As the wires are independent, the collisions produced by the products cause the differences in the vibration that prevent the clogging of the fine products between the wires.

This type of mesh is the most used as it has the largest available percentage of screening surface.

Polurethane or wired bands are used to keep in place the aperture of these meshes. The wired ones are used when the classification is done at higher temperatures than 80°C, like at the asphalt mixture plants. 

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