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Wholesale Galvanized Square Woven Wire Mesh

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The general name of galvanized crimped wire mesh is crimped wire mesh, which is divided into low carbon steel wire crimped mesh, high carbon steel wire crimped mesh, medium carbon steel wire crimped mesh, steel angle crimped wire mesh, copper clad steel wire crimped mesh, modified Wire-drawn crimped wire mesh (also known as galvanized cold-drawn wire crimped wire mesh) stainless steel wire crimped wire mesh.

Preparation method

The weaving method of galvanized crimped wire mesh is to use the weaving method of pre-bending and forming. It is divided into closed shape weaving, two-way plain weaving, one-way corrugated weaving, two-way flat weaving, two-way corrugated weaving, rectangular hole weaving, oblique weaving .


Widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, mechanical accessories, protective

Nets, packaging nets, barbecue nets, grill nets, sintering furnace nets, metal products nets, crafts nets, vibrating screens, basket nets, food machinery nets, cooker nets, wall nets, Food, roads, railways, and infrastructure networks.

In addition, it is used for the safety protection of stadiums, green fences, rivers, buildings, breeding, and residential buildings.

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