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Wave Type Replacement Shaker Screens from China

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Wave Type shale shaker screen are mostly applied to the shale shakers with Quick mounting handles. These products screen panels are constructed with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers, after compounded and bended, with a steel backing plate combined together. The wire cloth and bottom steel backing plate combined tightly, increase the filtering area 120% to 150% more than hookstrip flat screen, get an better effective.

Accessary rubber plugs can be used to repair rips or tears. By doing this, we can cut down time and reduce the production costs. We can supply composite frame screens with mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 320.

Main Features

1.Wave Screen has large effective area, and drilling fluid is handle in high-efficiency by using it.

2.Each wire cloth in the sieving screen has different meshes, and accurate collocation can make the screen has better effect.

3.Stainless steel wire cloth is wave, and closely holds to metal support plank together. The effective area is up to 125% to 150% of the flat screen with the same specification, so as to improve of handling capacity.

We can provide all kinds of stainless steel wire mesh, solid control equipment, shale shaker, shale shaker screens, mud mesh, perforated sheet, mine sieving mesh and so on.

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