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VSM 300 Replacement Shaker Screen

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VSM 300 Replacement Shaker Screen is a high-quality screen made specifically to fit the VSM 300 shale shaker, which is a popular device used in the oil and gas industry for solids control.

VSM 300 Replacement Shaker Screen is made using high-strength steel wire mesh that is woven into a fine mesh weave pattern. This design ensures that the screen can withstand rugged use and harsh environmental conditions while efficiently separating the drilling cuttings from the drilling fluids.

The replacement shaker screen is available in different sizes and mesh configurations to meet the specific needs of different drilling operations. It can also be customized to fit different types of shakers and screens used in the solids control process.

The VSM 300 Replacement Shaker Screen is easy to install and remove, and it offers several advantages over traditional screens. These advantages include longer lifespan, higher screening efficiency, and reduced downtime for maintenance and replacement.

In addition to the VSM 300 shale shaker, the replacement screens are compatible with other popular shale shakers used in the industry, such as the Brandt Cobra, Kemtron KTL, and Swaco Mongoose. This makes them a flexible and cost-effective solution for solids control in the oil and gas drilling industry.

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