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Stainless Steel Flat Replacement Shaker Screen

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Types of Shaker Screens:

1. Single Layer vs. Double Layer: Shaker screens can be single layer or double layer, depending on the application. Single layer screens feature one layer of screen held to the proper tension with banded hook edges, while double-layer screens include both a coarse mesh and a fine mesh, enhancing strength and extending screen life.

2. Flat Screens: Flat screens, the most commonly used type, have a flat design and offer high fluid handling capacity. They are suitable for filtering out oil in drilling mud and can be customized to fit various shale shakers.

3. Hook Strip Screens: Hook strip screens are secured using rails clamped along the edge, providing tension across the screen surface. They are versatile and can be tailored to meet specific sifting, sizing, and straining needs.

4. Steel Frame Screens: Steel frame screens consist of two or three layers of stainless steel wire mesh bonded tightly to a steel frame. They offer high strength and durability, making them ideal for oil vibrating applications. Steel frame screens can be customized to fit different shaker models.

5. Three-Dimensional Screens: Three-dimensional screens feature a single-side screen compression system and fine mesh sizes. They excel in fine screening and are suitable for various types of shale shakers, including linear motion, elliptical, and circular motion shakers.

When it comes to shaker screens, there are several types available to suit different applications and requirements. Each type offers unique features and benefits, ensuring efficient and effective solids control in various industries.

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