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Self cleaning screen mesh factory

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The selection of the screen is the inevitable product of the refinement of raw materials in the mining industry and the chemical industry. It is the composition of tiny cells in the development of society, which indirectly or directly affects the development of society. The selection of the screen is mainly based on its own characteristics.

The selection of the screen is mainly based on the characteristics of the screen, material, mesh size, wire diameter, lifespan, price, etc. The thickness of the wire diameter directly affects its service life and price, and the abrasiveness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and magnetism of the material directly affect the price of the screen.

Self cleaning screen mesh is made of high tensile steelwire and stainless steel wire. It can offer effective solutions to difficult sizing and aggregate separation conditions, such as the blinding and plugging.

It is widely used in the separating materials in the mining, quarry and other industries.


1.high performance and excellent self cleaning,long wear-life

2.More opening area

3. 30% more capacity than woven wire

4.Eliminates blinding and plugging

5. 3 times longer wear life time than woven wire

6.Minimizes down time cleaning and unclogging

7.Maximizes throughput

Packing & Delivery

Each specification on one plywood pallet , iron pallet or rolls , surface treatment is processed with anti-rust paint or as your request .

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