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Scomi Replacement Shaker Screens

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Scomi Replacement Shaker Screens.SCOMI shaker screen is framed screen panel. It is steel frame and pretensioned screen panel.

Scomi Replacement Shaker Screens:

The SCOMI shaker screens are popular with users since their shakers are rather popular in a certain time. Their shakers are easy to operate and maintain with interchangeable screen panel.

SCOMI shale shaker information:

SCOMI shaker is high-g linear motion shaker. The vibrator on them are equipped with long-life bearings producing less noise than conventional vibrator’s with oil bath bearing. And the vibrator can be used with a variable frequency drive in ordinary and hazardous atmospheres.

SCM shaker screen benefits:

Replacement SCOMI shaker screen is easy to install and replace. It is tensioned or pressed by the wedge block. They can be installed very securely in place. With easy installation and better tightening of screen it will remain tight independent of wear.

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