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How to choose a high quality screen

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With the development of economy, screens are used more and more widely, especially in metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, Coca-Cola and other raw materials), non-ferrous metals, gold, coal, chemicals, building materials, hydropower Engineering, abrasive waste treatment, quarry and other industries, such as ore washing, screening, grading, slag removal, degash, dehydration, protective cover and other industries. There are many kinds of screen materials, generally low-carbon steel and stainless steel filter plates are used, and they can also be made of other metal and non-metal materials. Relatively speaking, the rigid raw material of stainless steel sieve plate has unique properties. The vibrating screen is usually composed of stainless steel sieve plates, which are damaged by vibration. Generally speaking, this is not easy to happen. Since the stainless steel sieve plate is a rigid material, the wear-resistant and shock-proof function is a unique property of the material itself, and the amount of material falling is not so large that it falls on the stainless steel sieve plate at one time. In terms of load bearing, it will generally not cause damage to the sieve plate. The reason for the damage of the stainless steel sieve plate is that the installation is unreasonable. Specifically, the compaction equipment was unreasonable, which led to changes in the panel frame. Under this unreasonable installation, the stainless steel sieve plate is prone to cracking after a period of vibration. Another situation is that the hardness of the stainless steel sieve plate itself is not enough, and it is an inferior product. Use the stainless steel sieve plate as a vibrating screen according to the normal quality stainless steel sieve plate and installation procedures, which can avoid vibration damage.

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