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Hook Strip Soft Screen

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Hook Strip Soft Screen.This type replacement screen can be specifically designed to fit various shale shakers. The specifications of hook strip soft screen can be customized according to your specific needs.

Hook Strip Soft Screen:

  1. Hook strip soft screen is a kind of shale shaker screen. It is consist of two or three layers of stainless steel screen cloths that have different meshes.

  2. Hook Strip Soft Screen commonly consists of two or three layers of stainless steel mesh. Hook strip soft screen has no metal lining. It is characterized by broad screening area.

  3. Hook strip soft screen are used in the early shale shakers. The screen panel is stuck with two stainless steel layers together.

Hook Strip Soft Screen Advantage:

  • Soft screen surface, lightweight.

  • Simple structure, easy to operate.

  • Good corrosion resistance, high fluid handling capacity.

  • Broad mesh size ranges, fit for various applications.

  • More available screening area, higher screening efficiency.

  • Convenient installation.

  • Low prices, economical.

Hook Strip Soft Screen Application:

  • Applied in oil screening.

  • Filter the mud and other impurities in oil.

  • Applied in drilling operations.

  • Used as replacement screen for various shakers.

  • Used in the oil industry for solid-liquid separation.

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