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Good Quality Polyurethane Accessories

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System screen modules are fixed to the substructure bars by means of adapter slats,thus making it compatible to other types of modular systems.There are ayatem units with standard widths of 150 and 300 mm and flexible lengths of up to 1200 mm ,all made of highly wear resistant polyurethane.
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Good Quality Polyurethane Accessories:

The properties of polyurethane elastomer are very good in low temperature resistance, ozone aging resistance, shock absorption, radiation resistance, air tightness and biocompatibility. In the aspect of mould resistance, polyether polyurethane elastomers are better than polyester polyurethane elastomers.

1.Wide hardness range

The hardness range of polyurethane elastomer is very wide, from shao's 0A~ shao's 85D. It is particularly valuable that, compared with plastics, pu elastomer still has good rubber elasticity and elongation under the hardness of plastics. Compared with rubber, polyurethane elastomers have higher hardness and do not require a large amount of filler, which reduces elasticity and performance.

2.Wear-resisting performance

The wear-resisting performance of polyurethane is closely related to its tear strength and surface condition. Because the tear strength of polyurethane elastomer is better than that of rubber material, the wear-resisting performance of polyurethane is very good. The test results are generally within the range of 0.03~0.20mm3/m, and the wear-resisting performance is about 3~5 times that of natural rubber.

3.The hydrolysis resistance

Polyurethane elastomers have better water resistance at room temperature, especially polybutadiene, polyether and polycarbonate. Generally, the hydrolysis stability of polyether polyurethane elastomers is better than that of polyester polyurethane elastomers.


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