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Good Quality Polyurethane Accessories

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The properties of polyurethane elastomer are very good in low temperature resistance, ozone aging resistance, shock absorption, radiation resistance, air tightness and biocompatibility. In the aspect of mould resistance, polyether polyurethane elastomers are better than polyester polyurethane elastomers.

According to the structural form of polyurethane sieve plate is divided into 4 kinds:

1. Mosaic

2. Bolt connection

3. Strip connection

4.Screen hook connection

Main Features

1.Due to the elastic polyurethane screen panel use wire rope as skeleton material, it has a larger bearing capacity, higher screening efficiency, and lower noise.

2.Polyurethane itself has very elastic modulus as well as absorb the impact of high strength , its carrying capacity is 2.5 times more than rubber panel.

3.Excellent abrasion resistance performance and long service life.

4.Corrosion resistance, nonflammable, poisonless and tasteless.

5.Polyurethane screen panel is self-cleaning and improves the screening efficiency.

6. Service life is 8-10 times higher than the common metal net,is 3 times than the stainless steel sieve.

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