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500 Series Flat Replacement Shaker Screens

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Hook strip flat screens are the series applied most widely at present. Shaker screens are essential components of shale shaker machines, which are used to separate and remove solid particles from drilling fluids (also known as mud) during the drilling of oil and gas wells.

Application and Industry:

Shaker screens, including the 500 Series Flat Replacement Shaker Screens, are commonly used in the oil and gas industry, specifically during drilling operations.

Features of Hook strip flat screens:

1.The bottom layer with low mesh counts has coarse wire and can be tight bonded to the backing to make up one block. So the strength of whole screen mesh get up and the useful life is increased.

2.The mesh, divided into many independent small units by grids of the backing plate, can prevent rigs of tears from spreading overmuch. Accessory prepared rubber stoppers can be used to repair damages. By doing so, the operator can cut down the stop time and reduce the cost.

We are 500 Series Flat Replacement Shaker Screens manufacturers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to send us your inquiry.

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