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1205mm*900mm Flat Replacement Shaker Screens

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Flat replacement shaker screens are essential components used in shale shakers and other drilling equipment in the oil and gas industry. These screens are designed to separate solids from drilling fluids or mud, allowing the drilling fluid to be reused while retaining solid particles.


The dimensions 1205mm x 900mm represent the length and width of the flat replacement shaker screen. These screens come in various sizes to fit different types and models of shale shakers and drilling equipment.


Shaker screens are typically made from multiple layers of wire mesh or synthetic materials, such as polyurethane or composite materials. The choice of material depends on factors like the type of drilling fluid, the size of solid particles, and the specific drilling conditions.

Shaker screens are integral to the drilling process in the oil and gas industry, helping to remove solid particles from drilling fluids and maintain efficient drilling operations. The size, material, and quality of the screens should be selected based on the drilling conditions and equipment in use. Regular monitoring and maintenance of shaker screens are essential for optimal solids control and drilling efficiency.

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